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About Us

About Us

As the social design lab, Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde and his team connect people and technology in installations that improve daily life in urban environments, spark imagination and fight the climate crisis. Clean air, clean water, clean energy, and clean space are the new values. Light is our language.

Internationally acclaimed works include WATERLICHT (a virtual flood showing the power of water), SMOG FREE PROJECT (the world's first largest outdoor air purifier which turns smog into jewellery), SMART HIGHWAY (roads that charge throughout the day and glow at night), SPACE WASTE LAB (visualising and up-cycling space waste) and now world's first URBAN SUN which cleans public spaces of the coronavirus.

Roosegaarde’s mantra 'Schoonheid’ is a Dutch word with two meanings: ‘beauty’, that comes from creativity; and ‘clean’, that comes from clean air and clean energy. For Roosegaarde this should be a fundamental condition in daily life. Daan Roosegaarde frequently shares his visionary ideas and projects at lectures across the world, including at TED and NASA.

In the published Phaidon book Daan Roosegaarde says: "We first have to imagine a better future and only then we can create it. People won't change because of numbers. But if we can trigger curiosity for a better world, that's the way to activate people. I don't believe in utopia, but in protopia; step by step improving the world around us."

Studio Roosegaarde is located in a former glass factory in the harbour of Rotterdam NL, also known as the Dream Factory. Here new innovations are developed from concept into artistic installations. The Studio has a vast experience in public space commissions in cities such as Rotterdam, Beijing, Paris, Eindhoven and Stockholm. The Studio also initiates its own projects to research new social innovations in collaboration with universities or partnerships with NASA and BMW, and has a pop-up studio in Dubai.

Roosegaarde has exhibited at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Design Museum in London, Tate Modern, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, Google Zeitgeist and the Victoria & Albert Museum, and won numerous international innovation awards such as the Shenzhen Global Design Award.

Our new DreamScapes is a collection of groundbreaking projects showing the beauty of a sustainable society. A DreamScape is a dream turned into reality to improve the world. The first two DreamScapes are GROW and Urban Sun. GROW is an homage to the beauty of agriculture which has reached more than 665 million people. Urban Sun cleans public spaces of the coronavirus and reached more than 850 million people. The movies are made in collaboration with MediaMonks. DreamScapes is open for commissions by governments, entrepreneurs, and other partners to transform challenges into mesmerising stories and inspiring solutions.

We Are Hiring
Studio Roosegaarde is looking for creative go-getters who want to bring radical ideas into reality. Are you a designer, project-manager or developing talent that wants to be a part of our new art meets science projects? Apply now with your motivation letter to


Documentary 32KM about Icoon Afsluitdijk by Studio Roosegaarde.

Daan Roosegaarde

Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde (1979) is a creative thinker and maker of social designs which explore the relation between people, technology and space.

From an early age Roosegaarde has been driven by nature’s gifts such as luminous fireflies or jellyfishes. His fascination for nature and technology is reflected in his iconic works such as SMOG FREE PROJECT (the largest outdoor air purifier which turns smog into jewellery), VAN GOGH PATH (bicycle path which glows at night), and his most recent SPACE WASTE LAB to visualise and capture space waste.

Roosegaarde studied Fine Arts and graduated from The Berlage Institute in Rotterdam with a Master in architecture. He founded Studio Roosegaarde in 2007, where he works with his team of designers and engineers on landscapes of the future.

Daan Roosegaarde is Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum, visiting professor at the University of Monterrey in Mexico, advisor for Design Singapore Council, professor Design & Innovation at Tongji University Shanghai, and a member of the NASA Innovation team. Daan has been selected by Forbes, WIRED and Good 100 as a creative change maker.

Roosegaarde has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the Shenzhen Global Design Award, Ethics Ethical Award, LIT Lighting Design Award 2019, World OMOSIROI Award Japan, Beijing Media Architecture Award, Design Project of the Year Dezeen Award, London Design Innovation Medal, the INDEX Design Award, DFA Gold and Grand Award Hong Kong, LIT 2017 Lighting Designer of the Year Award, Platinum A'Design Award 2017, D&AD Awards 2017, Core77 Design Awards 2017, Dutch Artist of the Year 2016, the World Technology Award, two Dutch Design Awards, the Charlotte Köhler Award, and China's Most Successful Design Award. He has exhibited at the Design Museum London, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Tate Modern, Tokyo National Museum, Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris, Victoria & Albert Museum, and various public spaces across the globe.

Through lectures across the world Daan frequently shares his visionary ideas and projects, including at TED and NASA. Recently a new monograph of Daan Roosegaarde is published by Phaidon.


TED lecture by Daan Roosegaarde

Team & Jobs

As a high-end international design firm, Studio Roosegaarde works with the best people to create an innovative working environment. Our studio is composed of a team of dedicated designers, project managers, engineers, and specialists.

How can we capture and upcycle the 8.1 million kilo of space waste? How can we design new sustainable fireworks? Are you ready to upgrade the world?

Join our team of designers and engineers today at Studio Roosegaarde. At the moment we have several positions available. Mail your proposal and CV to

Studio Roosegaarde would like to thank the following people for their contribution:

Design &
Stan Claus
Dusty Thuss
Philippe van Aerde
Jord Alma
Job Althof
Gabriele Aroni
Daniel Boda
Tiddo Bakker
Erik Swaagstra
Ruud Bijnen
Liza Blummel
Bertram de Boer
Sander Boer
Bart Bouwman
Sebastiaan Bouwmeester
Leendert Brak
Rik Burger
João Carneiro
Bruce Ferwerda
Natanael Gama
Katie Gaudion
Liam Gilbertson
Kelvin Godee
Fanny Gonzalez
Ward Groutars
Yorick Groot
Amber van Hauwermeiren
Chris Kievid
Pim Hendriksen
Nora Louise Hoekstra
Bart den Hollander
Koen Hoofd
Thomas Huster
Corniël Joosse
Erik Keijzer
Theo Knoester
Jelger Kroese
Thomas Kuiper
Bart Kuijper
André Maia
Peter de Man
Sabine Marcelis
Anna Kay Mastenbroek
Milou van Min
Ricardo Pluijmers
Mafalda Rangel
Emil Salomé
Mark Schouten
Rocky Schouten
Tessa Steenkamp
Boaz Stolk
Jop Struik
Ruben Thier
Pepijn Thissen
Simon Tretter
Pim Vellenga
Tom Vens
Lars van Vianen
Teun Vinken
Kimmo Virtanen
John Vlaming
Pepijn Vrielink
Iris van der Wal
Jolan van der Wiel
Lara Vlasman
Tim Lin
Thijs Res
Sarkis Benliyan
Emmet Norris
Lola Giuffre
Joost Alkemade
Jaromir van Vliet
Jack Smith
Koen Steger
Willem de Kam
Management &
Helen Hartmann
Robert Bolwerk
Cezanne Noordhoek
Paul van den Berg
Martine Trouwborst
Hanne Lemson-Niessen
Jae Eun "Jane" Lee
Hannes Trooster
Niek Rietbergen
Marieke Müller
Annelies van Eenennaam
Mathijs Goorhuis
Sarah Schulten
Jamaica den Heijer
Charlotte de Mos
Lidi Brouwer
Nienke Dijkstra
Vivian Song
Stefanie Viering
Jie Xiang
Rosanne van der Putten
Loes Bruinenberg
Shang Shi
Dielian Dijkhoff
Bastiaan van der Sluis
David van Gemeren
Felix Kops
Ruben Hamelink
Anja Doedijns
Annabella Rijksen


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