Firefly Garden | 罗斯加德工作室

Firefly Garden

Bali's first sanctuary unites firefly breeding with unique experiences.

Firefly Garden

Firefly Garden

Bali’s first FIREFLY GARDEN is dedicated to the breeding, conservation and experience of fireflies.

The design of the innovative sanctuary allows visitors to witness the enchanting glow of fireflies, which have become increasingly rare in the region. FIREFLY GARDEN has a robust breeding program and educational activities to bolster the local firefly population and enhance environmental awareness. This is combined with specially curated evenings to create a unique experience.

Reflecting local nostalgia and Daan Roosegaarde's environmental ethos, the FIREFLY GARDEN aims to bring back fireflies to Bali’s ecosystem and envision a future where nature and human progress coexist in harmony.

At the core of the FIREFLY GARDEN is a breeding program and nursery designed to sustain and enhance local firefly populations, facilitating ongoing scientific research. This commitment goes beyond preservation, aiming to educate the community and instill values of environmental protection with the goal of making fireflies a part of Indonesian cultural heritage.

The FIREFLY GARDEN also features a unique dining experience: a solitary table set for two amidst the natural luminescence, creating a serene and magical atmosphere. This element underscores the project's dedication to fostering a peaceful coexistence between humans and the natural world, reminding visitors of the intrinsic value of biodiversity.

In relation to Indonesian culture, Roosegaarde's work can be linked to the themes explored in 'The Tea Lords' (Heren van de Thee), a novel by Hella S. Haasse that delves into the life of Daan's Dutch family, who were involved in growing tea during the colonial history of Indonesia.

Daan Roosegaarde: "When you tell the story of the Firefly Garden to local Balinese they get emotional - fireflies were everywhere 20 years ago but not anymore. A firefly wants to have clean air, clean water, clean soil, and no light pollution. So I see them as a gatekeeper for our better future.”


The current FIREFLY GARDEN Pilot in Canggu, Bali is a 1,000 m² preview to the forthcoming 3,000 m² FIREFLY GARDEN. This sanctuary hosts butterflies by day and fireflies by night, complemented by a selection of flora and fauna that supports their life cycles. The garden features a firefly nursery dedicated to the cultivation of firefly populations where the firefly eggs grow into fireflies within 4 to 9 months. The environment is maintained free from light pollution and with continuously purified surrounding waters.

Access to the Pilot Garden is currently restricted to invitation-only visits. For inquiries or invitations, please reach out to


Studio Roosegaarde.

Special thanks to Pak Wayan and his team of experts, Udayana University, and Nuanu for their significant contributions.

Lecture Sun Gallery Bali
Lecture Sun Gallery Bali
Daan Roosegaarde lectures at Sun Gallery in Bali about Art + Activism. Join us on Tuesday July 16 at 7 PM for an inspiring evening, free entrance.
Bali's Firefly Garden
Bali's Firefly Garden
Roosegaarde is designing and building the world’s largest firefly garden in Bali. The connected nursery ensures a stable breeding programme to have a healthy swarm of fireflies and collect new scientific knowledge.

When you tell this story to local Balinese they get emotional, since fireflies were everywhere 20 years ago but not anymore.

A firefly wants to have clean air, clean water, clean soil, and no light pollution. So we see them as a gatekeeper for our better future.