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SENSOR VALLEY, 2012, Assen NL. Permanent artwork of large pillars fitted with LEDs, sensor technology, and sound speakers. SENSOR VALLEY is Europe’s largest interactive sensor artwork which consists of pillars that produce light and sound in response to people.

BOO, 2012, Amsterdam NL. Pillars of 6 meters high fitted with black rubber, LEDs, motion and touch sensors and audio speakers. Inspired to create a futuristic zen garden for the Hotelschool, the artwork BOO consists of huge pillars of interactive light.

LUNAR, 2011 GGz Breda NL. Tubes with a diameter of 30cm, 100-160cm heights. Moulded objects, LEDs, electronics, sensor and software. LUNAR consists of interactive light objects for the Mental Health Care GGz, which emit sounds and colour upon detection, creating an informal play therapy for children.

VENUS FOR VENICE, 2009 Venice Biennale IT. Screen, bluetooth and software; 14,000x4,000 cm (lxh). Venus for Venice pulsated dots of bright orange light of which the rhythm was connected to the bluetooth presence of mobile phones.

WIND 3.0, 2006 Rotterdam NL. Ventilators, tubes, wood, sensors, electronics, software; 400x50x230 cm (lxwxh). Wind 3.0 is composed of hundreds of fibres interacting with the visitor.

4D-PIXEL, 2005 Enschede/ Rotterdam NL. Electronics, software, electromagnets and other media; 3,000x1,000x2,000 cm (lxwxh). 4D-Pixel is a smart surface responding to your voice and to music.

LIQUID SPACE, 2003-2006 NL. Steel, software, sound, electronics, mechanism, sensors; 8,000x4,000x5,000 cm (lxwxh). Liquid Space is an interactive living cocoon that physically adapts to the sounds and motions of its visitors.

VARIANTS, 2004 Various libraries, NL. Cardboard, coating, variable sizes; 120x120x200 cm (lxwxh). Variants comprise a series of computer-generated sculptures varying from reading cocoon to high-density bookshelf.

SPIRAL, 2003 Velp, NL. Steel; 220x220x550cm (lxwxh). Spiral is a permanent sculpture made for ABT, advisors in building technology in Velp, NL.

METRO, 2002 Berlin, DE. Filters, 2,000x400 cm (lxh). Metro was a temporary public space installation in Berlin using light and filters.

HOUSE, 2002 Enschede, NL. Wood and tree parts; 120x120x200 cm (lxwxh). House was designed as an eroded wooden cube, addressing the culture of stacking and the nature of growing.

22 BEDS, 2002 Enschede NL. Bed spirals, steel, paint; 1,100x50x300 cm (lxwxh). The sculpture features 22 bed spirals combined to create a dynamic landscape relating to sleeping, dreaming and making love.

Selected Exhibitions