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While entering the courtyard of Hotelschool campus in Amsterdam you find yourself wondering around Daan Roosegaarde’s latest project BOO. These 6 meter high pillars of light and sound are Roosegaarde’s latest illusive landscape of light.

BOO is inspired by the connection between Europe and Asia. The ‘zen garden from Asia’ connects Hotelschool students with the eastern continent. The artwork consists of huge pillars of interactive LED light. While walking through the poles, the sound of enhanced crickets surrounds the visitor and one can see the green lights challenging them to interact.

The more visitors connect with BOO, the more dynamic the pillars interact with the visitor and eachother. This connection is a reflection of Roosegaarde’s techno-poetry. “We live in a network society, connection is essential” Daan Roosegaarde says. The slim pillars are in contrast with the hard concrete Hotelschool building, and make the square a small piece of Asia where students can relax and interact with high-tech bamboo.

2012-2013. Six meter high pillars of light with electronics, soundspeakers, software, black rubber, lenses and LEDs.

Commissioned by the Hotelschool Amsterdam, NL. Open for public at night.

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